Originally from a tiny town near San Francisco, I am the author and designer of the zine, Thank You For Being Here.  I've been a work in progress since 1992, collecting a diverse set of interests and feeling a whole lot of feels along the way. After living in Los Angeles for almost 10 years, I have a deep desire to live more authentically and share my truth - the good, the bad, and the complex.

I'm here to write. To share. To connect. To heal. To thrive.

My blog has become a wonderful space for me to share my self-reflection, poetry, passion projects, music I love, glimpses of my style and travels, and anything else that ignites a spark in me.

A handful of my favorite things:
live music, hot tea, dance parties, pasta with lots of parmesan, warm summer nights and the sitcom Friends

My professional background:
talent management, influencer marketing, social media management and event production

Most recent company I’ve worked for:
Create & Cultivate