Care For My Body Hair: Fur Stubble Cream Review


It’s 2019 and we’re coming out of our cage and sort of doing just fine. I see us trying our best to speak openly and authentically. But for some, including myself, it still feels a little taboo to talk about pubic hair. To cast my shyness aside, I’ve partnered with Fur to bare it all with an honest review of Fur’s Stubble Cream.

First, what is Fur? It’s a gentle body hair and skincare company for “up top, down there, and everywhere in between.” Their natural, non-toxic products, including cleansers, oils, moisturizers, and more, are destigmatizing how we feel and talk about body hair. Whether you laser, wax, shave, trim, or let it all grow out, there’s something for all bodies to help alleviate ingrowns and razor burn, and make your fuuuuur softer. Fur was founded by women, but no matter how a person identifies, the products are for anyone looking to take care of the hair on their face, underarms, pubic area, legs, etc.

For the last two weeks, I’ve integrated Fur’s Stubble Cream into my grooming routine and below is my experience.

  • My preference: I typically shave my armpits and bikini line every other day to remove any new growth/stubble. I’ve tried professional bikini line waxing once and it’s not for me. But kudos to those who can handle it!

    • Step One: Shave armpits and bikini line carefully in the shower

    • Step Two: Pat dry

    • Step Three: Lather on Stubble Cream to newly groomed areas

    • Optional step: For the intimate areas I don’t shave, I trim to keep it neat

My first impressions of the Stubble Cream is that I love the clean, minimalistic branding and non-overwhelming scent. The consistency of the cream is great for me as well. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel sticky. I haven’t been using the cream long enough for me to tell if it’s softening prickly stubble, but I can share that my sensitive skin is no longer irritated after shaving. I’ve noticed less redness and bumps caused by razor burn, which is such a relief.

I’m planning to keep this cream in my grooming routine, and next would love to try Fur Oil, which I believe is one of their most popular items.

How do you care for your fur?