Girl Put Your Records On: Volume 10


It’s the norm to repeatedly gravitate towards certain songs when they make you feel better or calmer. My go-to for this is usually alternative R&B, a genre that has continued to make great strides in the music industry and in my heart. The music and melodies are great for a dose of feel-good vibes and I’m drawn to the openness of songwriters’ vulnerabilities. Even when the subject matter is of heartache or betrayal, the sultriness and groove of the music remains to feel like a beacon of hope. A few of the rising stars I find myself listening to on a regular basis are SZA, Khalid, Amber Mark, Jorja Smith, Sabrina Claudio and several others.

I grew up on funk and pop, and as a teen, I mostly listened to emo and pop punk music. While I still love all of those genres, I’m mostly clicking on R&B, hip-hop and indie rock artists on Spotify. I also love soulful, synth pop. For example, I’ve been nonstop listening to HONNE, a band from England that I recently saw at their LA stop of their U.S. tour. It still amazes me how many sub-genres exist and to think that there are more to be crafted. I love a good fusion.

Listen below or head to my Spotify page for the latest volume of my playlist series Girl Put Your Records On. It includes 18 tracks from a handful of the artists I mentioned above and some other incredible ones I’m drawn to.

Which artists are you obsessing over right now? Let’s chat in the comments.