Girl Put Your Records On: Volume 3

records on 3.jpg

Strange times over here with me and my brain. I’ve been so busy that when I had an abundance of time for myself last weekend, it made me anxious and my mental health took a nose dive. Completely random. A trillion million percent frustrating.

But I always bounce back.

Turns out it was necessary for me to have a quiet weekend, where I could really relax and sort out my life after being on the go for a few weeks. I visited some of my favorite neighborhoods, read more, watched more of Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica and Ross for the laughs, and danced while cooking some new receipes.

I also thank the ridiculousness of Twitter during the Oscars for making me LOL, pulling my Debbie Downer self back up.

This volume of the playlist series is a bit moody, but then again, that’s typically the kind of music I listen to anyway. Enjoy the feels.