Girl Put Your Records On: Volume 4


I am sprung for spring. Warmer weather is approaching and the sun is up later in the day (three cheers for daylight savings). Soon I’ll completely stop wearing three layers to shield myself from winter chill, and you’ll find me walking around Echo Park and Silver Lake ogling revived greenery and beautiful blooms. I’m feeling the effects of this seasonal change. Life feels brighter.

I haven’t been the happiest person the last couple of months, and took time away from people to identify how to deal with this. But today I feel good. Life is moving forward, and I’m along for the ride to new destinations, new adventures, new people, and a new perspective. Keep up with the journey on my Instagram where I post much more frequently!

Now for the tunes. Do as I do and hit play, dance around your apartment, and listen closely to the lyrics, especially the first song “Different Now” by Chasity Belt. I relate to every single line of it.