Girl Put Your Records On: Volume 7


I’m fascinated by music and its power. The power to evoke emotion and memories. The power to make money. The power to heal. The power to connect people.

One of my favorite connections I have with people in my life is when we bond over music. You can learn a lot about a person by knowing why they listen to certain genres and artists. And then when you land on a common love for a band, song, or album, it feels like you understand them a bit better than you did a second before. 

I’m always hungry for music, whether I’m jamming to old favorites or digging through the internet for recommendations. I love when people send me music recs because not only do I get to potentially be exposed to my next favorite artist, it’s also something that might be important to them or they thought of me when they heard it. This kind of sharing feels special to me. 

Check out volume 7 of Girl Put Your Records On for what I’ve been listening to lately. Per usual, it reflects me being way in my feels. Turn it way up and enjoy.