Girl Put Your Records On: Volume 8

Photo by  cøzybøy

Photo by cøzybøy

Choosing yourself is a powerful, necessary, and sometimes even a radical act of self-preservation. Not only that, in order for us to serve others in a way that is healthy, uplifting, and affirming, we have to hone in on our self-care practice.
— Alexandra Elle

Every time Alex Elle, an author and poet, shares her thoughtful and self-aware writings on social media (I follow her Twitter and Instagram), it feels like a gentle hug wrapped around my brain. I came across her a few months ago and am always eager to read her thoughts and motivating words on the topics of "self." She has been a huge inspiration of mine to become better in touch with myself. I especially love when she shares journal questions, so for this volume of Girl Put Your Records On, I decided to not only share a playlist, but to also answer her most recent questions with a few brief answers. Before you start reading, go ahead and press play on volume 8 at the bottom of this post.

In what ways do you overextend yourself and why?
I usually overextend myself and stay really busy because I often have a hard time saying no. There are a couple reasons. FOMO is still very much a real feeling, and when it involves other people's feelings I'm fearful of disappointing or hurting them. I've become a "yes" girl, but I'm learning to only say "yes" if it's genuine and the healthiest choice.

How are you learning to honor the boundaries you've put in place?
First, I have to understand the answers to a handful of questions. What makes me smile? What makes me uncomfortable? What makes me anxious? What makes me jump for joy? How much of something can I actually handle? From there, I can learn what my boundaries are and why. Keeping boundaries in place can be difficult, but if I remember why they are important and why they add to the quality of my life, it makes it a little easier for me to make decisions and maintain them. They can also change overtime.

In what areas of your life is self-care hard for you?
I'm a huge advocate for self-care, but relating back to the first question, I overextend myself too often. In some ways, I categorize this as self-care because in certain cases it can bring me joy. It other situations, it can leave me exhausted and overwhelmed. While I can be selfish in some ways, I also spend a lot of time thinking about how my every move will affect those around me and sometimes I lose sight of myself in the process. What it comes down to is finding a realistic balance.

I would love to read your answers to these questions, if you'd like to share in the comments section!

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