Happy Skin With Billie


I've always been pretty smooth, in the context of my legs and other areas that women traditionally want to keep hair-free. Because of that, I never really cared about what kind of razors I was gliding over my body as long as it got the job done and didn't leave me with cuts. 

It took cute branding and an affordable subscription service to elevate my level of care in the shaving department. I was intrigued by Billie's branding and the minimalist design of their product. This razor brand and subscription service describes itself as razors built for womankind and made to give our bodies some extra tender loving care. It reminds me of Dollar Shave Club, a similar service for men that my fiancé utilizes, but cuter. Since I'm pretty neglectful when it comes to buying new razors I think having a service like Billie will help me have a better and even smoother shaving routine for an affordable price. 


For only $9 and free shipping, I got my starter kit, which includes a Billie handle (there are four color options), a magnetic holder and two 5-razor cartridges that are encased in aloe shave soap. The subscription service is custom to how often you shave and it's only $9 for four new replacement razor cartridges when you need them. 

When my kit arrived, I had never been more excited to get a new razor. The packaging was so sleek and fun, I couldn't wait to take my Billie for a test run. Private story short, it was the smoothest shave of my life. I don't usually find it personally necessary to use shaving creams or lotions, but since I'm such a fan of Billie's razor, I might have to try out their natural, toxin-free body care line too. 


What are your favorite beauty, health and self-care subscription services?