I'm Feeling This: 10 Things I Loved This Week

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This week, I’m sharing what I’m currently loving within all that noise online and IRL. Scroll through the below for the 10 things I’m feeling this week, from an animated series to creating a Thank U, Next fund to a new HBO miniseries that’ll make you wonder how something could go so wrong in real life.


Tuca and Bertie is like an animated version of Broad City. This Netflix show follows a carefree toucan and an anxious songbird as they navigate life changes as adults while trying to maintain their female friendship. Voiced by Ali Wong and Tiffany Haddish and created by Lisa Hanawalt, who is also the designer and producer of Bojack the Horseman, the animation is playful and the music is popping. It’s also fun to hear other familiar voices, such as Steven Yeun, Awkwafina, Nicole Byer, Reggie Watts, Jane Lynch, and many more.

Easy is in its third and final season on Netflix and while at times it’s funny and I love it, I still sit in agony during each episode. Why? It follows complicated and often very uncomfortable situations focusing on love, sex and relationships. As an anthology, you get a chance to watch a diverse and far from “easy” set of problems couples have to endure and work through. Some star appearances include Dave Franco, Sophia Bush, Orlando Bloom, Zazie Beets, Kate Micucci, Jake Johnson, Elizabeth Reaser, Kiersey Clemons, Marc Maron, and more.

The Last Summer on Netflix was better than I expected for a teen summer-time romantic comedy. I enjoyed following multiple storylines, relationships, and aspirations as the group of new adults make their way through a transformative summer after graduating from high school. Also, KJ Apa and Maia Mitchell are super cute and I would have definitely been friends with their characters.

Chernobyl will help fill the void that Game of Thrones is about to create. This intense scripted HBO miniseries is based on the catastrophic nuclear accident that happened in the ‘80s in northern Ukraine that could have killed everyone on the continent. Besides how shocking the severity and haunting reality of what happened, the most unsettling aspect is the political bullshit that happened, which could have certainly killed everyone if brave and honest scientists didn’t step in with solutions.


21Ninety published an article sharing the reasons everyone should have a “Thank U, Next” bank account. As someone who quit their job earlier this year without another job lined up, I knew the importance of having enough savings to support me during a time of not earning any new income. 21Ninety has some other great reasons, and regardless of your situation, it’s always important to save, save, save for financial freedom.

The ASOS print magazine (pictured above) is such a fun way for them to showcase some trending items while also featuring majorly creative musicians, artists, and actors. In the mail this week, I received the latest summer issue with cover stars Khalid, Dove Cameron, and Mabel. I likely received because I’m a premium ASOS member, but if you’re not, you can purchase it for $2 here.


Kaye McCoy has changed my life in multiple ways (shout out to Tyeal for introducing us). She has inspired me to journal every morning, to elevate my Instagram story game, and has unknowingly (until now) brought a dope community of badass ladies to my attention. If you’re looking for a photographer, content/business consultant, or just overall dope human, follow her!

Janea Brown just launched her website as a home for more tangible interior, plant, and lifestyle tips and it’s going to be one big positive resource. Janea’s Instagram community has been growing at a quick speed and I always look forward to seeing her smile and healthy plants on my feed.


PF Candle Co is one of my favorite fragrance companies. I’m constantly burning their Los Angeles candle, and was so happy to be gifted a new one from my mom for my birthday :)

Biossance’s squalane + tea tree oil has changed up my skincare routine. When I bought their tea tree oil cleanser and mask, I got a free sample of the oil and it’s really helped keep my skin clear. I just ran out of it and need to purchase a full size bottle asap. My birthday is on Monday (the 20th) if anyone wants to slide in with a gift card for the benefit of my skincare.

What are you feeling this week?