I'm Feeling This: 5 Things I Loved In September


This month, I’m sharing my favorite finds within all that noise online and IRL. Scroll through the below for the 5 things I loved in September.

The Good Trade

This online publication is for people who strive for intentional living. Reading their lifestyle articles and The Daily Good newsletter about wellness, sustainable fashion, beauty, food and travel starts my day off right. I came across TGT after they randomly featured my poetry account in one of their newsletters. And besides being grateful for the number of new eyes they brought to my work, I love incorporating their content into my daily reading.

Mini Twists

All summer I was contemplating getting knotless boxed braids and by the time September rolled around, I instead decided to learn how to do mini twists myself. I watched this super helpful YouTube tutorial and researched new products to help with this protective style. I’ll eventually write a hair blog, but for now, I just want to share how much I loved rocking braids throughout the month of September. I’m back with my curly fro, but I’m thinking mini twists will make an appearance every so often.

Bobby Hundred’s Memoir and Podcast

Bobby Hundreds’ (co-founder of The Hundreds) memoir, This Is Not A T-Shirt, is easily one of my favorite books I’ve ever read. Even if you don’t care or know anything about streetwear, being an entrepreneur, or what it’s like growing up as an Asian-American, I think Bobby’s book is a great read for all who are inclined to hustle for their dreams, play by their own rules, create or be a part of a community, and ultimately prioritize what matters most. His podcast, This Is Not A Podcast, includes interviews that highlight the stories of some hard hitters in a variety of industries, including an audio recording of an interview Bobby did with the late Nipsey Hussle from 2018. Each episode is something special with valuable takeaways.

Tom’s One Hour Photo Lab

Have you read the LA Times article about a hole-in-the-wall photo studio that has had a resurgence of business in Koreatown thanks to Kacey Musgraves? Here it is if you want the full story. Tom, a Vietnam immigrant, and his family now have an Instagram account documenting the shop’s recent success and highlighting the customer portraits reminiscent of the ‘90s. Playboy even hosted Tom and the team with an onsite set at their pleasure issue release party this month. Although I haven’t made it to the studio for my own portrait yet, watching this family business thrive has brought me a lot of joy.

Mejuri LA Showroom

Luxury for everyday life? Sign me up. I’ve fallen in love with Mejuri’s gold jewelry this year and I am so excited that they now have a permanent showroom and piercing studio in West Hollywood. It’s super cute (gives me major Glossier vibes, to be honest). Who knows, I might need to get another ear piercing during my lunch break.

What were your favorite finds of September?