I've Got An App For That


If I'm going to be attached to my phone, I might as well have a good relationship with it. I keep my phone apps very organized and only keep the ones that make my life easier and are meant to be used often.

I've learned how to really hone in on my needs and have narrowed down my app family to a crew of go-tos. Included in this family are my apps for social media, work tools, photo editing, ride shares, food ordering, bill paying, and ticket buying. Keep reading to see what apps I've recently downloaded that have enhanced my life. I threw in a couple podcasts, which technically aren't apps, but I discovered them on the standard iPhone podcast app so I'm counting them. 

  • I use three photo apps to get my Instagram feed aesthetic looking consistent and vibrant. Huji to get photos looking more retro and rich in color (the photo above was taken on Huji). Snapseed to brighten and further refine images. Then I upload to Planoly to see how my photos will flow together. I'm not super strict with that last step because life is life and I want to maintain a level of freedom to post whatever I want to. 
  • The first step of my morning is going on Shine Text, an app that sends daily text messages to help set my intention for the day. It also shares motivational quotes, positive affirmations, articles, mindful moments to listen to, and actions to start my day off right.
  •  A few weeks ago I started listening to podcasts during my morning commute and now I'm hooked on the Science of Happiness and Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations. I might try some practices I've learned from the Science of Happiness and write about them if they're helpful. 

What are your most used and favorite apps? Let's chat in the comments!