Life Check: My Skincare Routine and Trip to Heyday


First impressions are important. And if my face is the first thing a person sees, I want to look confident and glowing with my melanin. To feel comfortable and beautiful in my own skin, I am taking the necessary steps to keep my skin healthy.

As a teen, I struggled with standard skin issues, like acne and an oily forehead. It wasn’t that major, but still made me super self conscious. Although I was using recommended cleansers for acne, I wasn’t really putting in my all to clear my skin and keep it looking fresh. As I’ve gone through my twenties, my face has cleared nicely (I partially thank birth control for this) and I feel great. Now, I’m working to maintain healthy skin. During the last 6 months, I’ve become more interested in skincare and more mindful of the products I’m letting touch my skin.

Some of my favorite Instagram accounts I refer to for skincare tips are: Vic Styles, Morgan Brown, BLK+GRN and Michelle Lee.

Keep scrolling for my current skincare routine and a brief recap of my recent trip to Heyday for my second (ever!) facial.


My Skincare Routine

To be transparent, I always have a “baller on a budget” mentality and some of these products have high price tags. While I’ve invested in some of them for myself, I also received a couple of these from brands gifting at my old job. I’m really thankful for gifted product because it’s given me so many opportunities to be introduced to some cool brands and test awesome products.

My Heyday Facial

As I mentioned earlier, this was my second facial ever. My first one was when I was high school and I didn’t know I had signed up for a facial focused on extractions. Long story short, I was traumatized by the unexpected pain. While my fear of extractions has lowered, I wanted my first facial at Heyday to be more low-key.

  • My service: 30 minute facial for a refresher and quick maintenance

  • My skin analysis: Normal amount of oil production and no dehydration (yay!)

  • My routine suggestions: Keep the same product routine I have and add exfoliation.

  • Additional perks: My skin therapist, Nori, gave me two samples. A pineapple/peppermint exfoliant and sunscreen moisturizer

If you’re interested in treating yourself (or someone else) to a facial at Heyday, you can mention my name and receive $10 for the service of your choice.

How do you keep your skin healthy and glowing? What are you struggling with?

Let’s chat in the comments!