Manifest This Mood: Feel Grounded

Each image found on  Pinterest

Each image found on Pinterest

With the arrival of my birthday month and taurus season, I’m focusing on feeling grounded. After quitting my full-time job a couple months ago, this life-changing decision has granted me the time for exactly what I planned for. I have time to look for a more balanced job, more rest, more meaningful time with peers and family, and more freedom to work on my own creative projects. It’s been an amazing period of growth, but I’m still working on grounding myself. I aim to have the comfort of stability and 100 percent clarity on who I am as a person and how I will live my life.

Recently, I’ve been fortunate to follow my own schedule. And although I’m not currently working in an office or seeing any new deposits going into my bank account, I’m staying busy. Each day is different, but I always write a list of intentions and have five main pillars for daily structure:

  • Health and wellness: rest, exercise, good food, and beauty routines

  • Job hunting: looking through listings, writing cover letters, applying, and interviewing

  • Creative work: blog and Instagram content, writing poems, taking photos, and writing my book

  • Quality social interactions: meeting up with people for coffee in the middle of the day, spending quality time with my fiancé, and planning my bff’s bachelorette and bridal shower

  • Leisure: reading, binging TV shows, taking walks, and reading more articles

Some days I feel on top of it all. Some days not so much. But I have an amazing support system around me, including myself. I am really trying to trust my own gut to make good decisions and next steps. To feel more grounded, this month I’m manifesting:


I will find the calm in any storm and acknowledge that rest is necessary and nothing to feel guilty about. Sometimes doing “nothing” does wonders to keep moving forward with a clear and leveled head. Journaling helps.


No matter how many lemons I encounter, I will strive to keep from feeling dispirited or unworthy. I will stay focused, determined, and capable (like our girl Arya Stark) and less overwhelmed and reactive.


I’m vacationing in Hawaii at the end of the month and ready for a slower pace of life, fresh air, fresh fish, tropical greenery, and living in my bathing suit. Maui is one of the islands I haven’t visited yet, so it’ll be a brand new experience. Ideally, I’ll come back recharged.


I don’t plan to completely give up fast fashion, but I am planning to invest in more quality and sustainable pieces (example: pants from Everlane) that I can love and wear for many, many years. I’d like to settle into a “less is more” lifestyle and wardrobe that is filled with timeless items.

Connection to the present

With a lot going on in my life, my thoughts are constantly running wild with new ideas, goals, concerns, and solutions. And although I value planning for the long term, I want to stop neglecting the present. Being stuck on the outside of a moment, because my mind is elsewhere, robs me of the joys that come with being fully present with a person or the world. I want to connect with the now.

What do you do or want to do to feel grounded? Share in the comment section below.