Manifest This Mood: Feel Strong

All photos from Pinterest, except top right is my own

All photos from Pinterest, except top right is my own

My body hasn’t been feeling 100 lately. I’ve had a ton of neck, shoulder, and back pain, plus low energy, sinus pressure, headaches, and more. Frankly, I’m over it. I want to feel healthier, energetic, and stronger. So this June, I’m focusing on my wellness and concentrating on ways I can feel strong.

Muscle Strength

I typically engage in a simple home workout four or five times a week, but I’ve been slacking on proper stretching. I plan to get in the habit of stretching not only before workouts, but also when I wake up and before I go to bed. I want my body to feel strong and full of good energy, but also relaxed. To help with recovery, I recently purchased a neck and shoulder wrap for hot and cold therapy. It also has lavender aromatherapy built in to the wrap for a full relaxation experience.

Financial Freedom

I’ve been unemployed for three and half months. It was a hard decision to quit my job, but I knew it was the right step for me to take and I prepared for it. I saved an emergency fund that would allow me to support myself without an incoming paycheck to fall back on. And I had a game plan to find a new job. I recognize my privilege here, because many do not have the resources to do what I have done. But I feel good about the steps I took to get where I am. Soon, I’ll have another job that will allow me to bulk up my savings again. This time, I’ll be saving for my wedding and paying off any remaining student loan debt. Again, my experiences with financial freedom is a privilege, but I also worked really hard to earn the coins in my bank account and maintain the kind of lifestyle I aim to have. I still have many financial goals that are bigger, which I’m confident will come with time and smart planning.

Doctor Appointments

When I was working at my previous job, it was difficult to request some time off for a doctor’s appointment because of the work culture. The health of employees rarely felt like a company priority. And being out of office during normal office hours, even for only an hour, was a stress-inducing experience. Now that I have time to visit my doctor, I am working to make my health a priority again, because without my health, nothing is worth it. I can also stop driving myself nuts with random WebMD searches.

Quality Sleep

I’m getting enough sleep, but not quality sleep. I rarely wake up feeling rested and more often than not I feel achy. I wake up throughout the night, and have vivid and stressful dreams. To help with this, I recently started taking Dazey CBD again (I need to restock soon). But I need to tweak a couple of my other sleeping habits. First, I’m trying to get in the groove of a better sleeping position. I used to sleep on my side, almost in the fetal position. But in the last year or so, I’ve started sleeping half on my side and half on my stomach (weird, right?). This has really messed with my spine, back, and neck. I’m trying to train myself to sleep on my back, which is the best sleeping pose according to Then there is a pre-sleep ritual I want to get behind, which is not using my phone at least 30 minutes before sleeping. I haven’t been able to stick with that one yet. Once I start getting better sleep, I think that’ll do wonders for my body.

Positive Mindset

I’m a firm believer that positive thinking will lead to positive action, which will manifest a positive lifestyle. But I am such a bully to myself. I bounce back and forth between feeling super confident or tearing myself down. I’m constantly doing the work to practice more positive self talk and gratitude in order to strengthen my self-esteem and perspective as I tackle each day. Consistent journaling has helped with this, as well as more meaningful conversations with people close to me.

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