My 2018 Mood

Photos by  Kanya Iwana

Photos by Kanya Iwana


Dearest 2018,

Welcome me with your open arms, I am ready for you. Lately, I've been jumping without knowing if a net would catch me, and so far I'm landing with a smile on my face. I've let my heart lead the way instead of allowing my mind to over complicate things. I got my first tattoo; a rose with a few tear drops (or raindrops) to remind me of my ability to grow through what I go through. I'm surrounded by people who are lifting me up and opening my eyes.

I've made it my goal to be unapologetically myself, because that's the only way to live in order to be truly happy and free, right? Take me on adventures. Introduce me to new places and new people. Allow me to support those who support me. Teach me more about myself. Help me grow. Fill my heart.

I am ready for you, 2018. Ready for the highs, bracing for the lows. Be kind. Be understanding. Be wonderful.



Have a wonderful 2018. There will be trials and tribulations, but you've got this. Thrive, bb.