My Weekday Morning Wellness Routine

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My mornings are for me. I wake up an hour and 30 minutes earlier than I need to on weekdays so I can have guaranteed time for myself. It’s an important time for me to set my intention and mood for the day. It can be tricky to implement a new habit, but the most effective way to make a habit stick is to jump into it and do it consistently. I used to think people who woke up at 5AM or 6AM were nutty. Now I’m waking up at 6:00AM and feeling less anxiety that has been rooted in feeling like I don’t have enough time in the day to take care of my wellness, home life and creative projects. Here is my new morning routine before a 50 minute work commute:

I Don’t Hit Snooze

According to Sleep Clinic Services, hitting the snooze button, falling back asleep and being jolted awake again can extend sleep inertia, which is the tired, groggy feeling we have when we first wake up. My mornings used to be rough with that awful groggy feeling slowing me down for most of the morning. And now instead of falling back asleep after my alarm, I drink some water that I keep next to my bed and get up. It’s not always easy, but once I start moving, I feel way more energized than when I used to try and squeeze in 10,15 or 20 more minutes of sleep. Read more about how hitting snooze can affect your health here!

Stretch, Hydrate and Moisturize

Once I’m out of my warm, soft covers and on my feet, I start stretching. My back, shoulders and neck are problem areas and a morning stretch helps ease some of the pain and tightness due to stress and sitting improperly at work. A few times a week, I aim to do a quick 15-20 minute home workout. To be honest, I’m slacking in the exercise department, but determined to make it a habit.

After waking up my body with movement, I’ll go to my kitchen to make hot tea. Or my fiancé who wakes up at 5:00AM for work is kind enough to bring tea to me when I’m first waking up. I like to start my day with some green or black tea for an energy boost and the cozy feelings.

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If I make the tea and I’m waiting for the water to boil, I head to the bathroom and use that time to make sure my curls are popping, wash my face, moisturize, massage on a little squalane + vitamin C rose oil from Biossance, and brush my teeth. I recently purchased an electronic toothbrush from Quip and love it! I signed up for their subscription service with the copper model, and you can get a $5 credit with my code (jenay673141042860) or here.


To help with my energy and anxiety levels, I also signed up for the vitamin subscription service, Care/of. On their site you can customize vitamin packs based on your needs and they’ll send you a cute dispenser box with your monthly supply (pictured above). If you’re looking to strengthen your vitamin game, you can get one month of free Care/of vitamins (up to $40 worth) with my code (JRDRW4)!

I Create

With my body and mind more alert around 6:30AM, I sit at my desk to sip tea and work on passion projects. This is my chance to have some quality time with my blog and Thank You For Being Here zine. I use the quietness of the morning to focus on idea brainstorms, layout designs, and writing.


As I get closer to 7:20AM, I’ll spend about 10 to 15 minutes scanning articles or scrolling through Instagram and Twitter before I get dressed and ready for work. Staring at my phone used to be step 1 in my morning routine when I was still in bed, but I would end up laying there for another 20 - 30 minutes. Such a time suck. Moving this step closer to the end has enhanced my mornings and helps keep them more calm, enjoyable and productive before heading into busy work day.