How I Use Dazey CBD Oil In My Daily Rituals


Don’t get it twisted. CBD is non-psychoactive and can’t get you high, but it can help with feelings that are getting you down. I’ve become increasingly curious about the benefits of CBD, because I suffer from anxiety that lingers throughout the day no matter what’s going on. I try to alleviate my anxiety with deep breathes, exercise, hot baths, essential oils, etc, but have wanted something a little more high-powered. I’ve heard and read that CBD can provide balance and helps with pain, anxiety, and several other ailments.

With this member of the cannabis family becoming more normalized, especially within the wellness community, Dazey’s mission is to help further encourage people to incorporate CBD into their daily rituals. First off, the product looks super approachable. The colorful and playful packaging of their four product options, including a $10 mini sample, is cute enough for me to want to display it on my bathroom’s bamboo shelving with my beauty products.

Dazey has created a product with two ingredients - coconut oil and full-spectrum CBD extracted from hemp. After reading Dazey’s Guide to CBD, I felt safe partnering with them to test their oil and see how it could potentially improve my day-to-day.


For the last week, I’ve been using Dazey’s regular strength (700mg CBD) formula twice a day. As a tea drinker, I put one dose of the edible oil in my afternoon tea and then before I go to sleep I place it under my tongue and let it sit for 15 seconds before ingesting it, per their suggestion. The first day I wasn’t too aware of the effects, so the next day I slightly increased my dose. Then I started to feel its calming effect. I felt more mellow, but still alert and productive.

It has also helped with my sleep. I usually fall asleep quickly and don’t wake up until morning comes. But for several weeks I was having a hard time sleeping and had really active and stressful dreams. The dreams would cause me to wake up in the middle of the night and I was left feeling exhausted in the morning. I’m not sure what was causing the bad dreams, but after taking Dazey before getting into bed, they went away and I’m sleeping more peacefully again.


I’m excited to keep Dazey in my daily routine and to further educate myself on CBD. It’ll be interesting to follow new studies about it and watch how CBD brands develop new products for our well-being.

See below for a handful of photos I took of the cute Dazey bottle. I’ve been trying to have some fun with more detail shots using my Sony.

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