Pale Waves, Coco, and More

Photo by  cøzybøy

Photo by cøzybøy

I love the start of a new year.  I'm full of curiosity, new goals, and a refreshed outlook. 10 days into 2018 and the bar is already set high. Several life changing new beginnings have taken off and I'm out here riding out the waves, determined to make this a strong year. While I work on this, let's check out what I've been into lately.


Pale Waves. I was introduced to this UK band's music when they opened for The 1975 (one of my favorite bands to see live) last year at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. After learning Matt Healy was a mentor to the band and produced a couple of their singles, it isn't surprising that Pale Waves' sound and vibe is similar to The 1975's, except with a lead female vocal. At the show, I started crushing on Pale Waves and their dark make up immediately. Check out their new video for "New Year's Eve":


I'm active at binge watching TV series and random movies on Netflix, but I rarely make it to a theater outside of the comfort of my own home. It's a shame because I love seeing a story unfold in all of its cinematic glory on a big screen with a surround sound score and soundtrack. Recently I saw The Greatest Showman and Coco (which I highly recommend both), and next up this week I'm going to check out The Shape of Water which I heard was phenomenal. After listening to a few friends rave about their movie pass memberships, I think maybe it's time to treat myself to a pass of my own for some theater perks.


If you're looking for a TV series to watch, a few of the last ones I went through quickly were The Punisher, Easy, and Lovesick. Netflix is killing it with their originals.


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