Same Name, Similar Hustle


Meet my lil' bro-bro, Fela Ross. Same last name, but not related. I met Fela when we were teenagers attending GRAMMY Camp, an educational and hands-on music industry camp hosted at the University of Southern California by The Recording Academy and GRAMMY Foundation. He was in the music production track, while I learned about music journalism with my other written word loving peers. Fela and I bonded over having the same last name. It's as simple as that.

After camp, we went on our separate paths and have since then been reaching high and working hard with our ambitions. I'm in event production, he's in music production. Truthfully, we don't talk much but we keep an eye on each other from afar via social media (although Fela's accounts are always changing and v mysterious haha). Fela will check in with me from time to time to see if all is right in my universe and we'll try to link up occasionally when he's in town. This time we planned for caffeine at Eight Fold in Echo Park, but instead explored a little stretch of Sunset Blvd and had a mini video and photo shoot with his homie Jared Odom.

I rarely shoot in a pair so this was a fun (unexpected) shoot where we could be creative and also talk about music, where we are in our careers, and where we still want to go.


To all my peers and homies setting goals and hustling for dreams, we're going way, way up. See you there.