Spring Refresh, Rose Matcha Lattes, CBD and Mental Wellness

Photo by  Vadym Zhyrov

Photo by Vadym Zhyrov

I love the transitional feeling that comes with changing seasons. Not that Los Angeles has real seasons, but you get the gist. Spring was wildly busy and full of change, so I'm looking forward to settling into my favorite season of summer to see how the changes play out. I don't see life slowing down any time soon, but I'm anticipating setting more of a steady groove in this next season of my life.

I'm writing more, thinking bigger picture, executing the smaller steps, regaining energy, loving with my whole heart, and only keeping what's necessary or sparks joy. As I write this, I'm realizing how much I love the word "joy." The word is filled with so much energy, just saying it makes me feel a bit happier in this moment. Read on for a peek into my current interests and methods to create my own peace and joy.


The KonMari Method and an evolving wardrobe. When Vadym and I made the decision to move in together, it was the motivation I needed to get rid of any unnecessary items lingering in my room. From unworn tees to way too many desk supplies, I KonMari'd the shit out of my room by tossing and donating things with barely any hesitation. Shout out to Marie Kondo and her two books for showing me the way to masterfully tidy up and only keep things that spark joy.

I said "rest in peace" to bags of old clothing and miscellaneous clutter, and now I'm jazzed to be more selective with new articles of clothing and home additions. For example, I've had my eye on this striped dress from Urban Outfitters since it's unveiling on their website a month or two ago. When I finally tried it on this past weekend and it smoothly fit over my figure, it felt meant to be.  It sparked joy and I'm now on a mission to only own clothes that make me feel like a million bucks. 

I don't have a history of being a minimalist by practice, but I sure would like to be one. Luckily, Vadym is a minimalist and all of his belongings fit quite nicely with my already existing set up, including the closet. This made it less of a headache to turn "my room" into "our room." I love seeing his additions in our room and it's been an awesome experience combining our lives like a true team. 

UO and KonMari.jpg


Lists on lists on lists for goals and to-dos. I can get a little note crazy with my need to immediately jot down reminders in the most accessible device, like a nearby notepad, my phone or laptop, so I try to keep my notes as organized as possible.

All of my work-related notes and some personal reminders live on my laptop and are organized by category. A couple weeks ago I started kicking off my 6am mornings by writing my daily personal to-dos in my "I Totally Got This" journal (you can get it here) by Knock Knock. It's an awesome way to set my intentions for the day and help organize my thoughts. 

I love Knock Knock for their well-thought-out and cheeky desk accessories. I always feel an extra boost of motivation when I use their journals and notepads. 



Tea and Yerba Mate. I stopped drinking coffee about two or three years ago because I started feeling sick every time I drank it. Now I'm a tea girl. I especially love matcha, a form of powdered green tea, which is perfect since the matcha trend is still strong with more shops selling it and places like Matcha Bar open and thriving. Matcha Bar in Silverlake has a wide selection of beverages, including their bottled product. One of my new favorites is their rose matcha latte, not only for the taste but also the presentation. 

I'm a new fan of Yerba Mate. I shied away from it when it initially became popular because I didn't know what it was and people talked about how crazy energized it made them. I wasn't ready to try it because I didn't do my research. Now that I've Googled it, tested it out, and realized it isn't as intense as I thought, I can see myself enjoying it more often for an extra boost. You can't really go wrong with a product described to have the"strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate."

Another favorite method of mine to relax and energize is getting a massage. My massage boutique of choice is The Now. They have four locations in Los Angeles and every visit I've had at the Silverlake location has been worth every penny. I've been thinking about signing up for a membership with them to have a bonus self-care treat for myself, because I leave feeling like a new person. The minute I walk in, I let the rest of the world fade away and focus solely on myself, my mind, and relaxation.

In addition to their rejuvenating massages, The Now has some awesome enhancements for an additional $10. With popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) rising, they recently added CBD lotion therapy to their menu. It eases stress and anxiety, reduces inflammation and increases sensory stimulation. Hm, YES PLEASE. SIGN ME UP. I've added this enhancement of CBD infused lotion to my last two visits and my body loved it. If you're wondering, CBD won't get you high, because it's not psychoactive.  Read this High Times article to learn more about how CBD interacts with your body and why it is legal. 


HONNE. I'm super excited to see this British duo perform in Los Angeles for Vadym's birthday in September. I kept it a secret from him for maybe like five hours and then couldn't help but share the (non) surprise with him. If you haven't listened to them before, I suggest starting off with "Good Together" and their newer release "Day 1"


Hayley William's essay published by Paper Mag. I've been a huge fan of Paramore and Hayley since I was a teen, and as we all got older my respect for them grew. Their lyrics and music have helped me through many trying phases of my life, so I have a lot to thank Hayley for. Her essay is a fresh, personal perspective about mental health and wellness, and how the act of expression works as survival. I pulled a quote below and recommend you read her full essay here

Expression is survival. You can do it however you please. Write, draw, create something with your hands. Tell somebody you love them. Take a drive, roll down your windows and yell something like, ‘MY LIFE IS SO SHIT RIGHT NOW!’ Or, ‘WHAT DO YOU KNOW? I’M ACTUALLY FINE TODAY!’
These are just things to try if the crying and dancing doesn’t work.
— Hayley Williams, Paper Mag