SZA, Psychology Books and More

Photo by  Shab Ferdowsi

Photo by Shab Ferdowsi

Who am I? I'm still discovering the answer to that question. So occasionally while I figure this out, I'm going to start sharing with you little details about what I'm currently interested in, from music, books, styles, places and more. If you want to show and tell what's sparking your interest lately, I'd love to hear from you in the comments section!

Photo by  Shab Ferdowsi

Photo by Shab Ferdowsi

I'm usually wearing...

+ A bomber jacket or leather jacket
+ A cropped turtleneck sweater, sheer top with embroidered floral, or patterned button up (those are usually thrifted from the men's section)
+ High-waisted jeans or a dress with tights
+ Old-skool Vans or black boots (or what my co-worker refers to as my "clicky-clacks"
+ Fun socks. My faves were gifted to me by one of my good friends, Andrew. They're patterned with signature Ryan Gosling faces.

Here I'm wearing a Valfre romper from her sample sale in October and a rose embroidered jacket from I'm high-key in love with these brands, and they're both based in Los Angeles (but sell online)!

I'm listening to...

SZA. I put a crown emoji next to her name when I text or tweet about her, because I'm looking up and bowing down. Her R&B album CTRL has had countless spins in my car and neighboring drivers have no doubt caught glimpses of me singing, swaying and snapping along to her powerful and emotionally fragile songs. Lines like, "Why you bother me when you know that you don’t want me?" from "Love Galore" hits me straight in the gut. I can't get enough of her neo-soul.

I'm reading...


My favorite color in 5th grade was blue. I wore it from head to backpack to toe. Then in middle school I decided I liked purple the most. I was a big fan of red and teal in high school. Black became a more prominent color in my wardrobe during college (still is). Now my favorite color is back to blue and I'm also a sucker for the light millennial pink. I have no explanation for any of these choices.

Although I've had "You May Also Like: Taste in an Age of Endless Choice" by Tom Vanderbilt on my bookshelf since the summer, I'm finally diving in.

Why we like or dislike certain foods, music, art, places, etc can be somewhat of a mystery. Have you ever wondered why you have certain preferences? Tom explores this question, social influence, and the cause and effect of choices we make.

I'm only one chapter in, so I can't dig any deeper into this with you right now or even share if I'll love the book yet. But if you enjoy psychology books, this could be a good pick for you as well.

I'm in the mood for...