Music was my first love. You know that moment when YOUR song comes on and you can’t help but groove to it? Or maybe it’s one that has you completely up in your feelings. Either way, those songs matter and are a part of your story. Girl Put Your Records On (the series) is a part of mine.

These playlists aren’t meant to be nostalgic, but instead, each curated collection is a mix of new and old tunes I’m loving at the time they are published. Some of the playlists will be themed, but most will include unrelated songs I’ve had on repeat. I rarely stick with one genre family and bounce around between alternative R&B, hip hop, indie, emo, pop, old school funk, etc. They all represent different sides of my personality and listening preferences.

If you don’t want to click through all the links below, you can find and follow all playlists on my Spotify profile.

turn it up

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